Girls Varsity Lacrosse · Girls Lacrosse 2018 Accomplishments

Varsity Girls Lacrosse 2018 Accomplishments:
CONGRATULATIONS to Jolie Riedell, Mara Zajac, and Ella Brislin for making 1st Team All League!
CONGRATULATIONS to Alison Williams, Dani Glenn, and Leiden Huber for making 2nd Team All League!
A HUGE Congratulations to Jolie Riedell on 1st Team All-CIF and Ella on 2nd Team All-CIF!
I’d also like to applaud Jolie, Mara, Ashlynn, Adah, and Ella for trying out and making the Women’s Division National Team (WDNT) and getting to represent our area at the WDNT tournament this past weekend. They played well in the tournament and also had the honor of watching the Women’s NCAA college championship this past weekend in Stony Brook, NY.